The Face Shop Korea: An overview

The Face Shop is a South Korean beauty store which offers a ridiculous amount of cutesy beauty products. I was blown away by the variety they had- adorable hand creams disguised as apples and lemons (with a matching scent!), cute kawaii cats perched in plant pots offering up sugary hand cream, and nail varnishes in all shades of the rainbow- and a myriad of nail art tools.

The makeup range they offered was pretty heavy on the shimmer, and most of the girls in store looked like the model- the desired V shape face she’s displaying- and the whole bambi eyes big lashed look which is such a big deal here. It’s uber cute, and probably too ‘young’ for me, though I do like the idea of a world where glitter eyeshadow is normal.

I think it might be because many Korean women have smaller eyes that sheer and shimmer are so big here- full on matte colour would be harder to blend and work with.

I really liked what The Face Shop offered, and I was more drawn to the body range-but then, I pretty much liked most of their stuff!

Lovely pastel polishes- and nail stickers and decals to play with!

I was also reall taken by the Matryoshka hand creams- so cute!

There were always offers in at The Face Shop!