Best Concealer For Bruises

Bruises and discoloration from injuries, accidents or surgery can be difficult to cover up. But finding the best concealer for bruises for you, will work wonders in hiding those unsightly marks.

In our commitment to truly deliver for you, we put a number of makeup products designed to cover bruises on the body as well as on face under the microscope. These products were assessed based on their effectiveness to cover facial bruises, longevity, and affordability as the best concealer for bruises.

How can I cover a bruise under my eye?

If you have already tried to cover up a blue and black bruise, you must have seen that it is not as simple as just applying any foundation. For starters, you will need the best concealer for bruises on face, with a full-coverage and as close to your skin tone as possible.  You have to use a beauty blender to blend it into the area where the bruise is and you are ready to roll.

Best Cover Up For Bruises – Top Concealer Choices

There are dozens of concealers that you can buy to cover up bruises, but only some of them good enough to do the job right. So many colors to choose from, so many consistencies, so many brands, so many prices. You could easily go crazy. But do not lose hope. We have chosen the top five concealers that are infallible.

Quick-Fix Concealer by Dermablend is one of the best drugstore concealer for bruises. It can cover anything from scars, to freckles and bruises, thanks to its full-coverage. It can last up to 16 hours.

Joan Rivers Beauty’s The Right to Bear Legs is a bruise concealer that can be used for the legs, face and any other body part where you need to hide a bruise. It is lightweight, transfer-resistant, smudge-proof, and waterproof.

Aesthetica Color Correcting Cream Concealer Palette is a makeup to cover bruise on face and it comes in different shades to cover up a different type of imperfection, such as acne, birthmarks, rosacea, blemishes, bruises, redness and dark undereye circles.

Concealer Twins Cream Concealers by Physicians Formula, best bruise cover up, comes with a yellow corrector which neutralizes bluish imperfections such as bruises. It has an SPF, is transfer-resistant and water-resistant.

Jolie’s Pro-Palette Correct & Conceal Concealer Neutralizer Wheel comes in three shades which you can mix to create the perfect shade for you. It is hydrating and infused with light-diffusing particles.

Best Makeup To Cover Bruises

We have made an indebt description of each of the above products, so we can help in your decision to choose the best bruise concealer for you.

Quick-Fix Concealer by Dermablend

This is one of the best concealers to hide bruises. It is lightweight, has a creamy texture and leaves a smooth finish without making you look cakey. It is super easy to use thanks to its swivel-up tube. This product can be used to cover anything from bruises to under eye circles and even scars. It is dermatologist-tested, non-comedogenic and can last up to 16 hours.

This concealer promises to leave the skin comfortable and not settle into wrinkles and fine lines or sink into pores. It can be used by people with sensitive skin too and it comes in a variety of shades so it can match any skin tone.

It contains a broad-spectrum SPF 30, and it is both transfer and smudge-resistant. With a superior coverage, you can rest assured that this concealer will cover any bruise perfectly.

Things We Like

  • Has SPF
  • Creamy texture
  • High coverage
  • Long wear

Things We Did Not Like

  • A bit oily
  • Not very pigmented

Joan Rivers Beauty’s The Right to Bear Legs

Although this concealer has been designed to cover bruises and varicose veins on the legs, it can successfully be used anywhere on the body. It can be applied like any other lotion, thanks to its translucent derma-technology which makes it light and breathable.

It is waterproof, can be easily blended into the skin and does a great job hiding birthmarks, tattoos, and even spider veins. It can be easily removed with soap and water, it’s transfer-resistant and sets pretty quickly.

On the downside, it takes a little too long to dry and can stain the clothes if you do not wait at least 10 minutes for the product to dry completely.

Things We Like

  • Easily blends with the skin
  • Easy to apply
  • Streak-free finish

Things We Did Not Like

  • Can stain clothes
  • Takes too long to dry

Aesthetica Color Correcting Cream Concealer Palette

If you want the best makeup to cover bruises you should definitely try this product. It comes in various shades to cover up a different type of imperfection.

Red is for rosacea, blemishes, acne, and birthmarks, yellow for redness, blemishes and dullness, purple/blue for bruises and purple to fade out sharp yellow undertones and dark circles under the eyes and orange/red will conceal dark under eye circles, dark spots and acne. It even comes with instructions to help you choose the right color and to apply the right amount of product.

Things We Like

  • All the shades are usable
  • Long staying
  • Buildable and blendable

Things We Did Not Like

  • A little difficult to spread
  • Can end up looking cakey


Concealer Twins Cream Concealers by Physicians Formula

This best bruise cover up comes with a yellow tip to hide blue-hued skin discolorations and a light tip for small skin imperfections. The sponge ends are perfect for easy and mess-free application. This product has a hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic formula, creamy texture and it’s perfect for all skin types.

Concealer Twins Cream Concealers is one of the best drugstore concealer for bruises. It is dermatologist-recommended, lightweight and has SPF 10. It has a long-staying power, light to medium coverage and it’s is easily absorbed into the skin.

Things We Like

  • Does not leave an oily feel
  • 2-in-1 product
  • Contains SPF

Things We Did Not Like

  • Can set into fine lines and create creasing
  • Does not last too long
  • Quite expensive

Pro-Palette Correct & Conceal Concealer Neutralizer Wheel by Jolie

If you look for makeup to cover bruise on face, this concealer is definitely worth trying. It has a hydrating formula and three colors you can use individually or mixed for ultimate customization: yellow for under-eye circles, purple for yellowish skin and green for redness.

This concealer is softly pigmented, it is professionally-developed and contains Vitamins E and A for protection against the elements and to nurture the skin. It has a creamy texture and lasts the entire day. You can apply it with a brush or your fingers.

Things We Like

  • Lasting staying power
  • Creamy texture
  • Compact packaging

Things We Did Not Like

  • Can make the skin dry
  • Contains parabens
  • Not really blendable



How Do You Cover a Bruise With Makeup?

A bruise is very unaesthetic, especially if you have to attend an important event. Luckily with the best cover up for bruises in the form of a creamy concealer, you can hide that away. Read on to find out how to hide bruises depending on where they are on the body.

Facial bruises

For bruises on the face you should apply foundation on the whole face and not just cover the bruise.  This way you will achieve better results and avoid any distinct differences. The concealer should also be applied all over the face and frequent touchups might be needed.

Bruises on the body

For this, you will need a full coverage concealer, with a creamy texture so you can apply it with your fingers. Make sure you match it with your skin tone.

Other ways to cover up

  • Physical things like accessories or clothing can help you cover up. Think about where the bruise is and then check your clothes to see if anything you can use to cover the bruise.
  • Use extravagant makeup to take the attention from the bruised areas.
  • Accessories. These may not hide the bruise as well as clothes, but it’s worth considering what accessories you have that could be useful.

Final Thoughts

Having a bruise is quite embarrassing and draws attention making people worry for no reason. But applying the best concealer for bruises on face and body will help you blend in with the others without drawing any attention.

If your bruises are not from a fall and are potentially due to abuse then seek help now. Please.

We have chosen the best concealer for bruises as the winner for this review. Tested by dermatologists and reviewed by thousands of users this creamy formula offers full coverage that lasts. The best concealer for bruises has been selected. You should give it a try and watch as your bruises instantly “disappear” as if they were never there.